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  • Château de Laubade: Keeping an Armagnac Tradition Alight

    By Tom Fiorina

    Chateau de LaubadeGascony’s Château de Laubade celebrates the start of its annual Armagnac distillation with traditional Gascon cuisine, wine from the owners’ five other wine properties, and a drumming, tweeting, tooting Basque band.

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 April 2011 )
  • Wine BS Chapter 3

    By John Talbott

    OK. Since Wyatt Mason in the NYRB cleverly thwarted both French government censorship and Madame Destouches’ “ban” of her deceased husband “Celine’s” antiSemitic rantings and ravings by doing the translation himself, I will likewise seek to avoid approbation by translating a wine label I encountered today.

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 March 2010 )
  • An Enjoyable Wine Dinner with Christian Moueix

    By Bill Shepard

    The Saladin Affair by William S. ShepardIn these hard economic times, we all look for ways to make our dollars go farther. For wine lovers, a good plan is to take in a wine dinner from time to time. They tend to be somewhat pricey, but much less so than in better times, and since the wines are offered by the winemaker or retailer on a promotional basis for the dinner, you end up paying far less than individual bottles of wine would cost. Plus, there is the interest of the speaker, the chance to taste a series of often exceptional wines, and the enjoyment of a good dinner.

    Last Updated ( Friday, 24 December 2010 )
  • Some Wines for Winter Enjoyment

    By Bill Shepard

    Photocredit:  Speed-Light/Flickr Creative CommonsSummer wines, like Beaujolais, are light, flavorable and fruity. They are meant to go with light, informal meals. Winter wines are deeper in flavor, made to complement robust meals, like stews or cassoulet. Like their summer counterparts, they are neither pricey nor hard to find. As a special bonus, although prices are rising, these bottles cost a fraction of their expensive vintage counterparts from Bordeaux or Burgundy, or for that matter, in the case of Côtes du Rhône, their increasingly expensive neighbors from Châteauneuf du Pape.

    We’ll take a look at three fine winter wines, Côte du Rhône, Madiran, and Cahors.


    Last Updated ( Friday, 24 December 2010 )
  • Beaujolais Nouveau: the wine we all love to hate

    By John Talbott

    wine bottlesEveryone, including yours truly, says awful things about Beaujolais Nouveau (B.N.): it’s all hype, watery, dull, insipid, fruity (not in a nice way), and tastes like shoe leather, cigarettes, under-ripe grapes, bubble gum, Kool-Aid and well, goodness knows what else.

    Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 February 2010 )
  • Your Wine Christmas List

    By Bill Shepard

    Domaine Grand Veneur Cotes du Rhones Village, wine.comNow is the time not just for attending to everyone else’s Christmas list, but for giving some thought to preparing your own. Who knows, with an artful hint or two, you might actually receive some of your favorite wines!

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 13 December 2009 )
  • Tour D'Argent's Exceptional Wine Auction 2009

    By Margaret Kemp

    Tour d'Argent PIASA auction lot 807The cellars of the legendary La Tour d'Argent restaurant, created in 1582 the year William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, run for miles beneath its left-bank location. Those lucky enough to be invited are met by a blue uniformed flunky and escorted, through double-locked iron gates, into the dark, damp, musty warren of alleyways where 450,000 bottles of the worlds' rarest and costliest French vintages lie.

    Last Updated ( Sunday, 31 January 2010 )
  • 212. My life as a wine contrarian and the Salon des Vignerons Independents 2009.

    By John Talbott

    wine bottles A wonderful friend of mine from another journalistic life calls herself a contrarian or libertarian not a Republican or conservative, despite her ties to the most illustrious conservative operation in America (outside of Fox News) there is.  As I was thinking about my life and wine it occurred to me I should probably define myself this way as well.

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    Last Updated ( Sunday, 31 January 2010 )
  • Holiday Wines for 2009

    By Bill Shepard

    Thanksgiving wine. Photo credit: Loic Le Meur.The holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Year’s is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite wines, and also to try some new ones. So, relax and enjoy the holidays! Do some planning now, while the seasonal wine sales are on, and you can plan to drink what you enjoy most over the holidays. After all, you’ve earned it!

    Last Updated ( Monday, 02 November 2009 )
  • Questions I’m Often Asked About Wines

    By Bill Shepard

    During my last wine lecture a few weeks ago, there was a lively question and answer period. I realized that a number of the same questions came up frequently. Here they are, and I hope you will find them and the answers useful. Let us know your own questions!

    Last Updated ( Friday, 24 December 2010 )
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